History of Holden

The company's history, about which more will be discussed, dates back to 1856. It was at this time no known James Alexander Holden decides to open his own workshop in skin treatments. After some time, the company is expanding the range of services and engages in the creation of unique crews and coaches. No wonder, that after a certain time among the specialization of the company is referred to the development and production of car bodies. In 1926 the company is becoming part of huge concern under the name of General Motors. Since 1931, is the production of cars under the brand name Holden in full. So, in 2000 in Austria were sold over 155137 vehicles under the logo of this brand. In this figure were enrolled vehicles with high cross, cars, and pickups. In the meantime more than 29198 vehicles under the brand name Chevrolet is exported to Brazil and the countries of the so-called Pacific region.

Since the end of 2000 is the production of compact hatchbacks called Barina. This model is quite easy to recognize amongst the "brethren" due to design elements innovations, we are talking about an exclusive "cuts" as well as back lighting devices that create a single unit together with the pillar. In short, the car looks quite modern. And the contemplation of aesthetically and technically thought-out instrument panel, will delight even the most jaded "gourmets and connoisseurs.

The Astra model, which is the so-called analogue Opel classified as lower middle class level. The constituent elements of the base set are: power Windows, electric power steering, stereo and dynamics of six units. These features, it differs from its Brazilian and European counterparts. Unlike Opel, these vehicles are more sturdy suspension, this is due to the presence in Austria over a bad road conditions, which are much inferior to the German highways. Since 2001 Holden cars can also be seen in the form of a convertible version called the Convertible.

Photo Gallery of Holden

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