History of Hummer

Hummer is a fairly well known American company, which belongs to General Motors. The main and only specializes in the production of powerful supervideocap capacity.

Are the cars of this brand in a UAW plant, which belongs to a company called AM General, located in the city of Michalak (known as Indiana).

It all started with the fact that the U.S. military needed a powerful roomy SUV. As a result, in 1979, AM General began to develop a project to create such a vehicle.

After 11 months they introduced the first presentation of a military vehicle. Today he is known under the sign of H1. Military just struck tests. The machine is suited for all standards and requirements of the U.S. army. And in March of ' 83, the company received its first order to supply batches of these SUVs. This ATV is characterized by simplicity in management, excellent maneuverability and could carry different types of weapons. Both then and now Hummer is considered the main vehicle of the U.S. army.

But his fame he received only after the operation "desert Storm" was successful. Surely, every person I saw on TV footage from the war, which was in the territory of the Persian Gulf.

It is here and used a powerful ATVs Hummer, who easily overcame even very sharp slopes, sand them did not interfere safely move, they rode as if on asphalt. With them could not handle even the most modern tanks.

After such promotions the Hummer began to order individuals. The orders were very many, and the company does not always cope with the production of the civilian version of the SUV. But a huge price for it made him the reputation of a luxury car even in America. Depending on the configuration, the price could be between $ 70 000 and above. With regard to annual sales, they accounted for only 2000 copies a year.

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