History of Hyundai

The South Korean company Hyundai Motor Company produces cars. The creation in 1967 was more of a necessity, because it contributed to the establishment of the transport system of South Korea. Hyundai was initially presented as a design firm, and was called Hyundai Construction, engaged in the construction of ships, but in 1968, the leaders decided to start production of cars, founding Hyundai Motor.

First, Zadov company just released a car brand Ford Cortina MK I. However, after some time due to the large number of people worked on the project, in particular George Turnbull, Hyundai finally released his own car Hyundai Pony 1.3. it happened in 1985. The car immediately became popular because of the low prices and acceptable quality.

In the 70's, South Korea has started to import your creations, thanks to what I could glean new ideas from the West. In the ' 80s car in South Korea was considered completely normal and had the vast majority of residents. At the same time, the car willingly of their production was sold in North America, Particularly the United States and Canada. Some cars are specially upgraded before exporting. So as to keep the competition in the United States was quite difficult, the company's specialists are constantly working on new models, and in 1990 about 1000000 cars were exported from South Korea for delivery in the United States.

Hyundai Sonata was first presented in 1988. It includes some details, which at that time was published under license by Mitsubishi. Complete modernization of the model was performed from 1993 to 1998. For three years, Hyundai has managed to build two engines with the names Alpha and Beta, which have been in use in their new models. In 1990 in Europe was first introduced Lantra, the following modification was released in 1995. It was already five-door car with a body type of a wagon and it was called the Hyundai Lantra Wagon.

n the 99th year as much as 4 brand new came on the world market. Segment MRR was replenished with new Trajet, Coupe newly modernized, as described above, we have released a new Accent, and to top it all Centennial, or another name Equus. He became the car of the highest class. This car went politicians and big businessmen, one can imagine her glamour.

In Detroit audiences first met in 1999 in Santa Fe, new SUV from Hyundai.

After a fruitful 1999 Hyundai Motor Company was again able to fully recover in foreign markets. To increase sales within the country to the same level, to export more than 700000 cars abroad. In 2002, the company sponsored the FIFA world Cup, and acted as the exclusive automotive sponsor.

Since 2000 Hyundai Motor Company began to increase their production speed, opening up new factories and new brands of cars. There was one shared with the company DaimlerChrysler AG company.

Now prospects the company is quite transparent, successfully created new models and sales are increasing steadily.

Photo Gallery of Hyundai

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