History of Ifa

Mark Ifa belonged to different cars produced several enterprises of the GDR, part of the state Industrial Association of the automotive industry Ifa (Industrieverbandes Fahrzeugbau, IFA). It has existed since 1947, and played the role of a holding company or a kind of Ministry of automobile industry of the GDR. In the field of military vehicles were the first brand of ELISA in 1950 received the truck "Phenomenon Granite" (Phanomen Granit), and in the mid 50-ies - light army "kubelwagen" with open bodies on the chassis front-wheel drive passenger cars Ifa F9 with 3 cylinder engine, 30 HP

The production of this 5-ton truck was started in 1965 at the plant Industry Werke Ludwigsfelde" (Industrie Werke Ludwigsfelde), abbreviated IVL (IWL), built in 1937 in Ludwigsfelde, a suburb of Berlin, Daimler-Benz (Daimler-Benz) and there producing aircraft engines. During the second world war it was destroyed, then rebuilt and since 1952 has begun production of outboard motors, then cars, light army "RZ", and from 1954 - scooters. Meanwhile, at the "Ernst Grube" (Ernst Grube) in Werdau for replacement of the obsolete 4-ton truck "S4000-1" was designed by the new 4,5-ton car "Werdau W45" (Werdau). Large demand for such cars in the GDR and other socialist countries were forced to start the search more powerful enterprise to produce them, which was the plant ventilation. With the start of production of new cars, the factory was renamed the "National enterprise ELISA" (VEB IFA-Automobilwerke).

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