History of Ikco

The company Ikco was founded in 1962, and today it is one of the largest automobile companies in Iran and the middle East.

For all of its existence Ikco has developed from a small enterprise engaged in the Assembly of cars, to large-scale producer of cars and spare parts to them. Ikco is a company that provides a full production of passenger cars, vans, buses and trucks.

At present, the share of enterprises Ikco is about 70% of total production of the domestic market of the country. Recently the company has been developing especially rapidly: new projects were carried out modernization and reconstruction of production. Of course, all this has influenced the creation of modern technological base, thanks to which products are produced, which meets all international standards for quality.

Not so long ago developed a special program in which Iranian cars fell to the Russian market. This was done by the company "Autodrop". The first car that went on sale, was a Peugeot 206 (fully Iranian Assembly). This move was made in order to show that the company Ikco is rather important office, which produces only high-quality cars.

Photo Gallery of Ikco