History of Infiniti

Infiniti is part of the Nissan company, which specializes in the production of a luxury class car" (though it is mainly aimed at the US market). The cars of this brand stands out signature grille. Founded the company in 1989. Since then, cars have been presented on the world markets, but first they were sold (officially) only in the U.S., Mexico and Canada. They soon became one of the most popular car brands in its class.

What is so attracting the attention of the car brand Infiniti? Of course, in the first place is that they are made known to the platform of the Nissan, and this is already a proof of quality. Besides all the cars Infiniti associated with cosy, modern, exclusive expressiveness and uniqueness.

"Infinity" - is the essence of the brand. Infiniti is one of constant movement and forward to new discoveries, high-quality technology and to glory! In cars of this brand each owner will be able to conquer any mountain, no matter how difficult it may seem at first glance. It will definitely give you confidence!

Photo Gallery of Infiniti

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