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American trucks series International - typical American truck - not expensive, easy to operate, reliable enough and found the suitability for Russian roads thanks to the front and rear axles Meritor. It is also important for an engine to any fuel. American trucks Internatiomal engines equipped with such well-known American companies like Cummins and Detroit Diesel.

The most popular truck models - International 9200, 9800 International. They have the short wheelbase of all the trucks, despite the fact that International 9200 - model-bonneted.

The series 9000 combines tractors, considered the best models Navistar Internatiоnal. These machines are manufactured under its own name Eagle (eagle), equipped with the most powerful engine, the most comfortable cabins, very durable chassis. The brightest model is a Classic American truck Eagle 9300 capacity of 300-500 HP the side members of the frame with steel cross members provide structural strength in extreme conditions. In the living compartment, there are one or two sleeping shelves, TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, wardrobe, folding table, etc.

To appreciate the trucks category, Class 8, manufactured in our time Corporation INTERNATIONAL or NAVISTAR, as it is now called, should make a brief review of its history.

Here it is pertinent to mention E. A. Johnston, who began development for INTERNATIONAL AutoBuggy in 1905 and began production in 1907. By 1912 INTERNATIONAL HARVESTER was developed enterprise producing trucks with engines air cooling and water cooling.

In 1915, the company released the first five models with capacity from 0, 75 to 3, 5 ton, conventionally denoted by H, F, K, G, and L. All of these trucks had four-cylinder engines.

In 1928 International released trucks with two-speed rear axle. Among other things, in the same year IH produced the first semblance of a diesel engine.

In 1934 the company's specialists for the first time seriously thinking about the external design of their cars seems working and angular shape of the body was replaced with a more streamlined and therefore more aerodynamic. 1936 is considered the time of issue of the six-wheeled trucks "Cornbinders" And in the period from 1938 to 1940 there was a car "D" series, after which saw the light and a series of "K". These trucks were used extensively during the Second World war and remained popular in the postwar years.

In 1946 International subjected to large-scale increase in the size and technical characteristics of the series. New three-axle trucks were equipped with either Continental gasoline engine or a diesel engine Cummins.

Currently IH - one of the largest manufacturers of diesel engines of the middle class (Class 7) capacity from 175 to 300 HP

In the period from 1953 to 1955 in the production plans for the International many changes have occurred in connection with the production of machines of series L and R. In the late 50-ies was created by another truck with cabin located above the engine, "Emeryville", also known as "Highbinder". In cars, "Emeryville" release late 50-ies installed windshield with Central bulkhead, there was also a modification to the bunk in the cabin. This kind of truck successfully operated on the East and West of the USA and was discontinued in 1965.

In 1968 he began producing a more severe CO-A with more powerful and economical diesel engine.

In the mid 80-ies Navistar issued a series 8300, cars which differed new cabin design, executed in a streamlined style and feature a flat solid windscreen. In 1986, the company was renamed Navistar International, however, with the existing trading Makri - International. Today the company is the second largest in North America, a manufacturer of trucks medium and heavy classes.

According to some data, in 1999 the U.S. has sold approximately 111 thousand trucks and bus chassis brand International. In the U.S. the company has some of the best indicators of export supplies. Today, all eight basic series cars International form a lineup consisting of many hundreds of modifications.

International 9800

The manufacturer is known worldwide International trucks 9800 is a Corporation Navistar International. Cab International 9800 is located on the engine (eng. Cab Over Engine). According to experts of the automotive industry, today Navistar International is much faster than the production of heavy trucks with a similar design of all other North American competitors. Largely, this is due to the high technical performance of machines, and most importantly - affordable price.

It is worth noting that cabover models of this line for the first time in North America are equipped cabins with a completely flat floor. The lack of engine casing in addition to increased levels of living space making it much easier in the household compartment, and the chairs of the crew allows you to make a swivel 180 degrees. Trucks are available in two versions: SFA displacement of the front axle relative to the bumper is 711 mm., SBA - 1350 mm.

A diverse selection of cabins, transmission and chassis, wheelbase variants. Most often trucks are equipped with diesel engines Cummins M11 N14 Plus and Plus, also a Detroit Diesel series 60. The working volume is 11 - 14 L., power -- 280 - 435 HP gearbox - automatic 9 - 13 - speed Fuller, or Allison automatic transmission. Drive axles Rockwell can be supplied with lockable differentials with pneumatic actuator. Front suspension is leaf spring, rear - spring or pneumatic Air Ride. Steering at the Board - with hydraulic booster.

Most compact Day Cab has a length of 1600 mm and an internal height of 1500 mm. (installed only on the modification SFA), a y the most spacious RHS Sleeper HZ-Rise similar performance - 2794 and 2362 mm., respectively. In the living compartment length 1016 and 1422 mm. set one or two sleeping shelves width 710 - 940 mm fuel tank Capacity - 757 - 1514 L. growing in importance in its commercial activity Navistar International attaches to the European market. Especially for him was developed biaxial long-haul tractor 9800 SFA, which can work with a standard semi-trailer without departing adopted in the European Union overall limit on length.

In the cab, long 2260 mm provided sleeping space. Diesel Cummins power 425 HP meets the standards Euro-2, suspension axle with gas strut. The equipment includes cruise control, auxiliary heater, tachograph, heating of the fuel system. Truck tractor weighs just over 5 tons, and the total combination weight of up to 40 - 44,5 T. Wheelbase - 3251 - 4343 mm.

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