History of Isuzu

Isuzu is a Japanese car company, one of the largest manufacturers of buses, trucks and diesel engines. Reliability, power, comfort of the cabin is the main features of the cars of this brand.

The company Isuzu began its existence in 1916 (although at that time its name was slightly different - Tokyo Automobile Industries). Its main objective is to manufacture a truly Japanese cars, although, in fact, a purely Japanese cars did not exist long enough. In fact, Isuzu is no exception, as it is in many technical matters relied on the British. This continued until the 30-ies, the Japanese completely copied already developed technology and, of course, those reluctantly shared with them.

So it turns out that the first Japanese cars - it's just a name, because most of the cars had a copy.

Nowadays the company Isuzu, using market demand, successfully selling diesel engines that have improved environmental performance. Between General Motors and Isuzu motors signed an agreement under which the second company supplies diesel engines and is an expert in this matter. To improve its position in the U.S. market, Isuzu develops and produces new pickup truck D-Max. Thanks to this position began to grow up.

Photo Gallery of Isuzu

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