History of Iveco

Iveco is an Italian automobile company, the main activity of which is the manufacture of trucks and diesel engines. The products manufactured under the Iveco brand, is made of 49 plants in 19 countries. The company annually sells more than 160 000 units of trucks and more than 430 000 diesel engines. The history of development of the Corporation includes the following steps.

1974-1980 The Iveco brand was created in 1974, when the Italian company Fiat bought out the machine-building company Klockner-Humboldt-Deutz plant for the production of special equipment and SUVs Magirus-Deutz. The Corporation Iveco also included some of the structural unit of Fiat - Lancia, and FIAT OM France SA. The technological breakthrough of a new automotive company was the creation of a series of light trucks Daily. Representatives of the famous family rolled off the Assembly line in 1978. Cars IVECO Daily became one of the first models of the European light-duty trucks produced serially. GVW vehicles ranged from 3100 to 4500 kg In the late 1970s, the group signed an agreement on joint production of cars IVECO Daily with the Chinese manufacturer of trucks Nanjing Motor.

1980-1990 In 1986 Iveco holding became the owner of the Italian company Astra, specializing in the production of trucks, as well as English Ford cargo divisions. In the late 1980-ies the Corporation together with the manufacturer of weapons Oto Melara has created a consortium Iveco-Fiat-Oto-Melara, who was tasked with the production of armored vehicles for special purposes. In this same period, the company Iveco finally became part of the Fiat group, which acquired all of the shares of the holding company.

1990-2000 1990 the property Iveco passed Spanish company for the production of buses and trucks Pegaso, and a year to the Corporation joined the English automaker Seddon Atkinson. In 1992 Iveco acquires the shares of the leading Australian manufacturer of transport equipment - International Truck of Australia (ITAL). This provided the company with a launch pad for the sale of products on the market of Southeast Asia. In 1992 cars IVECO family EuroCargo received the title of "truck of the year", and in 1993, the same award was given to a series of EuroTech. Since 1994 Iveco trucks (models with indexes 6329 and 5531) started to be issued in the Russian Federation at the plant "UralAZ" under license from the manufacturer. In 1995, the group established a joint venture with the Chinese company Naveco and in the framework of this project launched the production of gearboxes for trucks IVECO Daily.

2000 - present. In 2000, the DAF Iveco Daily received the award of "Van of the year" at the international motor show in the Netherlands. In 2001, the group announced the start of cooperation with Renault: he acquired a 50% stake Irisbus Holding that previously belonged to the French automotive Corporation. Thus, the holding Iveco got the production capacity of the leading Spanish manufacturer of buses. In 2007, the group established a subsidiary company in Russia, which was registered as "Iveco Russia". In 2010, the affiliate network of the organization consisted of 36 dealers, 26 authorized dealerships and 24 service station. Today the holding IVECO ranks 6th among truck manufacturers by volume annual production of vehicles and the 2nd place in terms of diesel powertrains.

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