History of Jac

Marc JAC belongs to the Chinese automotive company, which appeared in 1999. On its basis have worked five large-scale companies and 3700 investors who have invested 230 million shares.

Today, the company JAC is in the TOP 10 largest enterprises of the PRC. Peak output accounts for 2002. Now to 10,000 employees, and 4 thousand managers and engineers.

Forty-working lines going trucks of all kinds and different carrying capacities (ranging from 0, 5 to 50 tons), buses and minibuses of various types, SUV, MPV, as well as transmissions, engines and other components. Moreover, since 2008, the production of passenger cars.

According to the statistics of 2008, you can see that JAC has released about 104 000 passenger trucks, 10,000 SUV, 35 MPV 400 and 600 10 passenger cars. All products of this enterprise is distributed in China, but also in neighboring countries.

JAC in 2009, announced their plans to merge with Chery. This process will take place for about 5 years, during which time the company will retain its independence. The company's cars JAC always in great demand and in many ways helped people, so that in the future they will face a fine prospect.

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