History of Jeep

Jeep is an American company which is a division of Chrysler. This company produces SUVs. The founder is Arthur Herrington. First, in the post-war years he worked on the idea of the production of vehicles in France. He has worked with the Marmon Motor, whose products and conducted the trials. In the end, he has created a vehicle that meets specified parameters. The car was called general purpose, that is, GP and pronounced it's just a jeep, so in the end the brand and named.

Firm Willys gave the first Jeep right to exist. It was an army jeep, specially commissioned for the American troops.

The army needed a strong high-speed machines that can walk and in the rain and slush through the deserts and hills. A competition was announced. Hard to believe, but the participation of 135 engineering firms. Won the tender Willys and Ford in 1940 and both firms took 1500 cars. In 1941 production have Willys, however, the model has undergone some changes.

In 1942, both companies began producing civilian vehicles, which were called the Willys MB and Ford GPW. It was hard to understand, what is it that they differ. The motor of the one and the other model stood Willys 77, and was the gearbox on three stages. In the car can fit 4 people, the speed of the car reached 10 km/h in Just several years the Willys company managed to sell 360000 cars, and Ford - 240000.

All that was done by the firm after this great success, was based on the jeep, this applies to the 40's and even 50's. The developers have not been able to break out of this circle, creating a new and unique model. I must say that the cars that they produced for the U.S. army, differed little from each other, except in the coloring and label CJ - civilian jeep. However, closer to 60-th Willys edition jeeps stopped, however, the idea was picked up by other companies.

The sample produced by previous firms of cars took as the basis of American Motors Corp., started production of its vehicles. Kaiser Jeep, which was formed after Willys joined American Motors in 1970. 1983 finally bore fruit on the market jeep Jeep Cherokee release, plus had the luxury jeeps with 5 doors, the distinctive feature of which were 4 small lights located above each other. They were called Wagoneer.

In 1986 came the successor of the jeep, known since the Second world war, which was published by the American Motors company, initially showing the model at the Geneva motor show. He was called Wrangler, later, in 1990 has been modified already called Renegade.

In 1987 American Motors joined Chrysler. Finally, after almost unchanged models of the jeep, running od of different brands, and yet resemble one another, the first car which substantially differed from the rest. It was a Jeep Grand Cherokee, which appeared in 1992.

In 1997 was again recalled Wrangler, and made his sixth rebirth. Now he was much more comfortable, functional and pleasant to look at. The developers decided to dispense with the springs and put it on auto suspension Quadra-Coil. Now there was no echoes of army life, he became smoother and more stylish. It added such an important parameter for cars in this class, as water-resistant.

In 1998 a new Grand Cherokee. However new it was hard to call, as it was just two peas in a pod with the previous generation. Through the years came Cherokee with a V-shaped engine in two trim levels - on six-cylinder and eight-cylinder.

In 2000 they released another new car from Jeep - Jeep Commander 2. Can run both on gas and on electricity, making it environmentally friendly. I must say that unexpected distinctive feature of the car body is made of plastic. This is a special, made in ultranova technology high-strength plastic, which is applied due to the weight of the fuel cell, which generates electricity. About a ton weight of the car is made up of the fuel cell, and the total weight of the car is 2.3 tons. There is one funny detail is a surveillance camera that is mounted in the dashboard, it takes... the driver's face to send him to law enforcement authorities in case of theft. In a word, fun car, although it is unknown whether everything in it is justified.

Grand Cherokee release 2001, has an eight-cylinder engine with a capacity of 235 HP, all-wheel drive, seats 5 people. One of the important features - Quadra-Drive system by slipping when one wheel slips, the sensors that detect and completely cover his movement. The car continues to move on the remaining wheels.

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