History of Koenigsegg

In 1993, work began on the creation of high-speed cars Koenigsegg. Managed this process Christian von Koenigsegg. This is a very ambitious designer, designer David Craford and several qualified specialists able in a relatively short time to create a powerful car, which amounted to competition for many of its brethren.

The idea of this car came to the young man in the late eighties. Even then, the designer clearly imagined, what features and features for its future vehicle. The first prototype of all struck by its clarity and meticulousness. It immediately became clear that the market for high speed vehicles appeared very worthy opponent.

One of the most memorable steps was the demonstration of the new supercar at the film festival in Cannes. Some very poor people, who were present there, then bought this car for myself. The car was put on display not the wider public and the elite. And it worked!

What is the main difference between brand Koenigsegg? It lies in the individuality of each model. If you look at two different models Koenigsegg, you will not see absolutely no similarity between them. All these cars share one thing: their logo. It is a yellow and red fields of rhombuses on the shield. The author of such merchandise has become, Jakob Luftman, one of the most famous designers, the closest friend of the founder of Koenigsegg Automotive.

Now Koenigsegg Automotive Ltd is one of the best manufacturers of luxury cars. Not so long ago they released their best offspring: the car is a Koenigsegg CCXR. It is called "secret biological weapons", because it uses biological fuel called biathlon.

This car is a godsend for all fans of fast driving. Its top speed exceeds four hundred kilometers per hour. And the power of the engine reaches one thousand and eighteen horsepower.

All Koenigsegg cars are produced in sufficiently small volumes, and all their production deals with only thirty leading experts. Every one is a master with a capital letter.

For the production of cars come from only high-quality and expensive materials, so the price of a car is not cheap. For example, the price Koenigsegg CCXR, starting at one million two hundred thousand dollars. At the same time going seven cars.

In 2004 was released the CCR model, and this has allowed the company to occupy a place in the Guinness book of records. By the way, this model in February 2005, has managed to break all records and to develop a speed of three hundred and eighty-seven miles an hour.

A big part of a car of this company is available in only one instance. These auto - expensive, but the demand for them is constant.

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