History of Lancia

Lancia - manufacturer from Italy, which produces cars. It all started back in 1906, when the driver Vincenzo Lancia and his friend Claudio Fogolin founded the firm Fabbrica Automobili Lancia. Model cars began to get the names of the Greek letters, the first car was a Lancia Alfa. It was a pretty serious car with some proprietary parts. Then based on it was released Lancia Dialfa, which had the world's first engine with 6 cylinders.

In 1913, Lancia has released Тhеtа, at that time in Europe it was the only electric car with headlights that were included in the basic package.

During the war, the Italian Government ordered to retool the plant for military purposes.

Began to produce urgently trucks, specialized vehicles. Appeared engines 8 and 12 cylinders. However, for the company this time has not passed in vain, and helped to increase production capacity. In 1919, the left modified version Тhеtа - Carr.

In 1921, got out and Lambda was developed a new front suspension. In Paris in the showroom in 1922, it took a Bang. The release lasted for 10 years. At that time she was 9 altered. Only sold about 13,000 pieces.

In 1928 Dilambda was created on 8 cylinders, although its predecessor repeatedly took prizes in the rally.

Then began to produce Аstura, where again used the patented technology. He was considered the top car. Plus came out in parallel and Lancia Lancia Аugusta.

Then in the thirties came Аprilia, which brought the company a lot of money and fame. In Lancia Аurelia used V - twin engine 6 valves. In the 50th year it was shown at the Turin motor show.

Lancia Flaminia was the first car with the wipers rear window and was released in 1957. The rate reached 160 km/h.

In 1969, the firm joined FIAT. For a period of up to 90-th years, it was released a few cars.

The company has focused its efforts on the creation of luxury cars and the 90s it was - Ypsilon, Delta, Dedra, Kappa and Zeta.

Ypsilon is a small compact car, produced in 1996. Its power is only 60 HP and engine capacity is 1.2 liters. In 1997 he released Elefantino with elephants on the roof rack and cheerful colors.

Delta is a hatchback with three and five doors, 193-power engine of 2 liters, acceleration - 100km-hour in 7.5 seconds.

Dedra had as many as 15 variations and was basically arranged on the base of the Delta, plus there was a station wagon Station Wagon.

Kappa - luxury cars, stylized 60s, choose a complete set of engine in 5 or 6 cylinders and respectively 2 or 3 liters. One of its modifications - Lancia Kappa Station Wagon, its feature in the interior decoration cloth. The capacity is 205 HP It is very roomy, has a Luggage compartment and extra compartment.

Over Zeta worked in addition to Lancia and FIAT, Peugeot and Citroen. Body type - sedan, seats up to 8 people. There are two engine options - diesel and gasoline, 4 cylinder with a volume of 2.1 and 2 liters respectively.

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