History of Lexus

Lexus is an offshoot of the Toyota Motors Corporation, a Japanese manufacturer of cars. In 1983, at a meeting of Directors of Toyota decided to create a production for the series cars of extra class. Already in 1985 the first car was released. It was a Lexus LS 400. First, the pH for a long time was tested in Germany, and after three years it was shown in Detroit and Los Angeles. At the end of 1989 it was released in the United States.

Basically the company produces automobiles, focused on North American and European market. They are of the highest quality, expensive finishes and the latest technology. Lexus cars are very easy to manage, they are smooth and quiet, to prevent overboard, the driver is not reflected. This is possible thanks to the powertrain and suspension mechanism.

Back to Lexus LS400. He was not like the Japanese cars of the time. Body for him according to some reports was designed by the Italian designers, but about GS300 is known precisely, their appearance, he is obliged Giorgetto Giugiaro. The biggest achievement is the possession of the famous sports GS 300 3T, which had a hand Toyota.

One of the best import cars in USA for the period 1990 was considered a Lexus LS 400, regardless of what the power of the engine it is high, it is quite economical in fuel consumption, a similar combination of LS 400 owes its aerodynamics.

In 1991 version for export Toyota Soarer called Lexus SC 400 coupe was sold in North America. In 1998 he made some adjustments and it was almost the same as its prototype.

Lexus ES 300 was one of the variations of the Toyota Camry in 1991, again was made for export. In 1993 with conveyors lowered Lexus GS 300.

Lexus LX 450 acted as the upgraded Toyota Land Cruiser HDJ 80. It was created for big businessmen and politicians, had four-wheel drive on all 4 wheels, body style jeep, it is a SUV, and luxury Executive cars. After this option in production was released in 1998 LX 470, which was based on the Toyota Land Cruiser 100.

IS 200 has reinvented itself and consumers in 1999, she went to the consumption in Europe and the USA. the year 2000 brought many innovations, it was IS300 LS430 and. Previous models somewhat modernized, but only slightly. For example, GS, LS and LX used BASS system, which contributed to a better braking on any road due to the same enhanced braking capacity of all wheels.

At the auto show held in Detroit, viewers were able to see the updated RX 300, which now had the name of the RX 330, this SUV is quite impressive size, which is superior to other cars, and length, and the width of the body. As for the filling, then under the hood you can find V - shaped 6-valve engine volume of 3.3 liters and 230-force performance.

Photo Gallery of Lexus

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