History of Lifan

In Chinese Lifan means "going to full sail". And it should be noted that this name is perfectly suited to the company! Now think about it: the company was founded in 1992 and today it is one of the largest companies in China and own it individuals.

As for the products, the company produces scooters, motorcycles, cars, trucks, and buses.

Since 2006, the company started production of passenger cars. The first model was the sedan Lifan 520. It was available with three different engines: 1,3; 1,6; and Tritec 1.6. By the way, in Russia this car has the name Lifan Breez and it costs two hundred and sixty to three hundred and sixty thousand.

Very often Chinese craftsmen copy products of famous Western brands and float on the market. However, the model breeze managed to avoid this fate. This car unique and eye-catching design.

By the way, according to tests, auto breeze is more secure than the Russian Lada Priora.

As to the price of cars in the breeze, it is very affordable and close to the price of the Priory, Volga 31105, Chevrolet and Hyundai.

This machine provides only manual transmission. However, in the nearest plans of the company development and automatic transmission. As for the design of the console, it is somewhat reminiscent of the BMW 1 series. The interior is made of black plastic, with aluminium inserts. In the back seat can accommodate three passengers, there are also folding armrests. The trunk has a volume of more than six hundred liters.

Not so long ago the lineup received hatchback.

The company's managers decided to bring their products to the markets of CIS countries. It was also decided to build nine industries over the next two years.

Last summer there was a model Lifan Mini. This is a compact car that was designed by engineers. And in the nearest future production cars class A and development of sedan class D.

This year it is planned to produce about eighty thousand cars, some of which fall on the Russian market.

Photo Gallery of Lifan