History of Lincoln

Lincoln - Department of the company "Ford Motor", which specializes in the production of luxury cars. The main apartment of the company is located in Dearborn.

Corporation Lincoln was founded back in 1917. Its founder Henry Leland. In 1920-1921, Henry, along with his son started to build cars. First produced engines designed for military aircraft. It is worth noting that the founder is the developer of the V-type engine, which was used for his first car - a Lincoln V8". But, unfortunately, the project was unsuccessful: the ugly look of the car was not approved by the Americans. But still he did not give up and subsequently succeeded.

Since January 1997, the company produces the most beautiful in the U.S. SUV, known as the Lincoln Navigator, manufactured on the basis of "Ford expedition" (Ford Expedition). Well, in 2007, the company Lincoln took care of updating two of its other models Lincoln Aviator Lincoln LSE.

In our time the car brand Lincoln are in great demand among buyers, and this is not strange, since all the cars are distinguished by their reliability, appearance and, of course, easy to manage. And all these features can be bought at relatively inexpensive prices.

Photo Gallery of Lincoln

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