History of Lotus

Lotus is a company that is represented in the UK, it mainly produces racing and sports cars. Purchased in 1996, the company Proton.

Date of Foundation of the company fell to 1953, her father was Anthony Colin Bruce Chapman and it was called then "Lotus engineering Co., then was created the "Lotus seven", which was the first car in the series. A year later came "the Lotus-8", designed specifically for the racetrack, in the 55th even Chapman went with him to the race, but went off the track. Chapman was eager to create more sophisticated models.

In the same year created the "Lotus-11", which had a top speed of 160 km.

In 1957 the motor show has honored his appearance Lotus Elite, he could accelerate to 200 km/h and perfectly obeyed the wheel. Despite the fact that Chapman could engage in the production of cars of consumer needs, he still did not give up the idea of racing and began production for "Junior".

And here in 1957 came the Lotus 12, after which the company began producing racing cars for Formula 1. In 1961 came the Lotus 25, the driver was located in a semi-lying state, his elbows were straight. In 1963 Jim Clark won the Formula 1. The same driver took the top prize at the Indy 500 in 1965, only to have the Lotus 38.

In 1996 the production coupe in Central Europa engine. In 1967 out of the Lotus 49 with motor Ford-Cosworth-DFV".

The Lotus 56 was released a year later, its Creator was Philip Morris. It was a four-wheel drive vehicle, comprising a gas turbine. While there didn't have those details, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern car - the clutch and gearbox. The machine was equipped with an intricate mechanism that helps it to function.

All is good, but in 1968 on a Lotus Clark breaks, however, wins the rally on the hill Lotus 49B.

In 1970 victory again on the Lotus 72, inherited Jochen Rindu, after which she, however, died on the same Lotus in training.

At the same time came the Elite, with the engine in 4 cylinder and volume of 2l.

Chapman decided to paint their cars in the colors of the sponsors. The logos and colors of the company John Player Special was decorated with Lotus JPS, which had a black and gold color. In 1972, won by Emerson Fittipaldi. Chapman was delighted with their work.

For all the time of production until 1973, the company has produced 2900 car, but later had to sell the firm Caterham car sales.

In 1978 he released a new Lotus 79, he's been great, fit perfectly into corners and it seemed to slip on the road. But it crashed Ronnie Peterson in September of the same year.

In 1982, Chapman died at the age of only 54 years. Since he was the soul of the company, and creators of new cars, the staff could not recover in his absence, the company declined.

The first car was T where Ayrton Senna took one of the prizes on the Formula-1 in 1987. In 1995, Lotus ceased participation in the race. In 1986 GM bought the company.

In 1996, she was again sold already Proton, and in 1997 was published 2248. They were mostly Elise and Esprit.

Photo Gallery of Lotus

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