History of Mahindra

In 1945 after the Second World War, former Ambassador of India to the United States by the name of John Mahindra founded a car company in the city of Mumbai. Thanks to the participation capital of the Pakistani businessman gulama Mohammed in the establishment of the company, the company was named after the surnames of the two key players in my life - "Mahindra Mohammed". However, by 1948, after the separation of India and Pakistan's independence, Ghulam Mohammed left the company to head the Ministry of Finance of the new state, and his place was taken by the brother of John Clark.

Furthermore, 1948 marked the start of work on the first car of the company, which is a compact SUV Mahindra. However, because of the difficulties he went into mass production only in 1965. Despite a long silence, and complexity in cooperation with the firm "Jeep", which provided a platform for Indian SUV company, the car was quite reliable and cheap to gain popularity in the automotive market of India and Pakistan. Then followed a new model manufactured under license from the brand "jeep" - Armada and Grand Armada, with a diesel powertrains French brand Peugeot. But all these machines were still too unusual for local residents, and could not bring big profits. Gradually, their production stalled, and a new stage in the company's development began only in the 1980s, when "Mahindra has signed new contracts for licensed production of cars with "willis" and "Jeep".

In 1989 he signed a strategic agreement to manufacture cars Japanese "Mitsubishi" brand, which worked in parallel with the American "Chrysler", provided the "Mahindra" developments Voyager minivan. This model provided the impetus for the next breakthrough Indian car company that has managed to reach the car market in Germany, as well as to be among the largest automakers in Central Asia. Over the next 10 years lineup "Mahindra" has been extended until the release of the vans, SUVs for the armed forces of India and started selling trucks. The most popular machines of the company at this time were the vans and minivans Voyager, which was based on an outdated model of the company "Mitsubishi - L300.

In 2002 he was presented the first model of the company - compact SUV Mahindra Scorpio, equipped 2,1-2,6 litre power unit with a capacity of up to 120 horsepower. In addition, the company concluded a number of treaties with other brands, starting technological support for China's automotive industry. However, the main achievement of the "Mahindra" can be considered an Alliance with the French brand Renault, which gave free use of the Indian brand platform Renault-Nissan.

In 2007 he was presented model crossover Xylo equipped engines Nissan, with a capacity of up to 140 horsepower. It should also be noted that the Indian company Mahindra started in the same year the construction of the new plant, which began production model of Mahindra Verito. This model was a recycled Renault Logan.

Thanks to the successful cooperation with the Japanese-French company, firm Mahindra has begun construction of three more plants in which it is planned to start production of the entire range of Renault in 2014.

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