History of Man

MAN (abbr. Maschinenfabrik Augsburg-nürnberg) is a German manufacturing company trucks. The company history began in the mid-19th century. Two small engineering firms, together, created a single company Maschinenfabrik Augsburg and Nurnberg (MAN). With this firm worked himself Rudolf Diesel, German engineer and inventor, Creator of the diesel engine.

In wartime MAP began producing tanks T I, T II, T III and T V Panther (Panther), and created an experienced amphibian 8x4. The company continues to use the skills of the automotive industry by releasing its own machinery.

In the 1990s, MAN has created a new range of "2000", including numerous models with GVW from 6 to 50 tons, and in the road to 180, these trucks were widely used electronic devices to control the operation of the engine, suspension, the driver's seat, air conditioning, etc.

Since the end of 2000, a Man releases a new "high tech" heavy family "TG-A" or "Technolog LM generation" (Trucknology Generation), meets the standards Euro-3. At the same time MAN began the introduction of a new simplified marking, in which a series of "L", "M" and "F" in the performance of "Evolution" got indexes "LE", "ME" and "FE" with digital pointer rounded engine power.

Since 2007 a series of TGA were divided into TGS and TGX that were logical and more modern continuation of a series of TGA. TGS and TGX took the best from its predecessors and acquired something new.

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