History of Maruti

Maruti Udyog Ltd is the largest representative of the Indian automotive industry. This company specializes in the production of vehicles based on the Suzuki.

The birth of the plant occurred in 1973 in the precincts of a small Indian town called new Delhi. The company soon acquired its own emblem: two wings.

The company Maruti was founded in 1984 as a result of joint production together with Japan's Suzuki Motors, each party owned a stake of 50%.

One of the most successful and not afraid of the word, and the triumph models Maruti is considered the model 800, which is usually called "Indian Volkswagen. This model is a licensed version of the Suzuki Alto/Fronte SB, descended from the conveyor in 1985. Since 1997 car Maruti 800 amenable cosmetic upgrades.

In recent years the model range, which offers the company has expanded significantly. Thus, there is a new version called Classic, which is characterized by the presence retro exterior.

Gypsy representing the frame SUV, is created available in two versions: with removable hard or soft top. Also available is the option of a pickup with high capacity - 500 kg. typically, these models are indeed a huge success and popularity among mountain populations, as well as representatives of power structures. Soon a number of these models will be supplemented by a SUV Grand Vitara, which is the result of a development Studio YGM.

Since 1999 the company produces five-door microvan called Wagon-R, which has the following characteristics: 16-valve engine 1.1 l, power 62 HP

On the top step, the so-called passenger program Maruti is the Baleno sedan, which was launched with the production line in 1999.

Due consideration should also be given to the sedan Baleno Altura 2000 issue.

A relatively new model of the enterprise is Versa, the so-called alternative Suzuki Carry, which is 82 liters capacity and a 1.3 liter engine. The presentation of the model occurred in October 2001.

To summarize, the largest producer of high-quality and low-cost cars in India is owned by a company called Maruti. According to the official data for the year 2000 the company "gave the world" about 286 thousand copies of passenger vehicles. On its laurels, the company is not going to stop and intends to continue to surprise the automotive market with new and new developments.

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