History of Maserati

Maserati is a famous Italian automobile company, which was founded in the beginning of 1914. She is engaged in the production of very expensive sports cars. The Maserati logo perfectly memorized and has the sign of the Trident. Nowadays the company Maserati belongs to the Fiat group. Among all stands out the most popular model, the Maserati GranTurismo. By the way, the machine name is mentioned in a popular computer game.

Each of the many brothers of the family Maserati - Bindo, Carlo, Ernesto, Alfieri, Ettore, Marino - in varying degrees, has contributed the particle contribution to the development of the Corporation, which to this day bears their name.

Modern marketing strategy company Maserati is planning a transition to a higher level of production sports car with excellent appearance and high-speed performance.

Unfortunately, Maserati cars reach of most people, since the prices are really very high. But still waiting for the situation to change, and high-speed sports cars will become more affordable. This is especially important for those for whom speed is a kind of drug, without which life becomes dull and inexpressive.

Photo Gallery of Maserati

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