History of Maybach

Maybach is one of the brands of the German company DaimlerChrysler. Cars produced by the company are always the most elegant and expensive on the world market. Named firm but the surname of its founder Wilhelm Maybach. The first car was called the W-3 and graduated in 1921, was equipped with a 6 cylinder engine in, its engine was up to 5.7 liters. After 5 years out W-5, engine size which was more - 7 liters, so that even at the time this car was able to accelerate up to 121 miles per hour. However, in 1929, the father of the founder of the company died, and the company had to take his son Charles.

Carl immediately made some adjustments to the car models, the resulting DS-7 with a V12 engine. His receiver was Zeppelin. I must say that in those times it was difficult to meet a few of the same cars as they were created for customers. All these cars were produced 183.

After two years of continued production of W6, their release was even more exclusive - 90 pieces. DSH was released in 1930 and was relatively "cheap" compared to the rest of the car, his power reached 130 HP On this model for the first time the owners of the brand paractically aerodynamic body, however in all vehicles. Subsequently, they were supplied with the machine of the class SW. The release of these cars lasted from 1935 to 1941 and joined SW-35, SW-38 SW-42. To summarize several decades, the statistics will show the production of about 1800 cars of different models, of which there are 152 in some collections to this day.

In the war, like many car manufacturers, Maybach was redesigned, but the issue consisted only of engines for tanks. When the war ended, Maybach was taken prisoner by the French, he had to do the design of aircraft engines. After returning to its own production, he continued to produce the engines, but only for trains and ships.

In 1961 the right to Maybach acquired Daimler Benz, which in the late 90s decides to resurrect a forgotten brand. Thus, after 60 years of nothingness legendary the brand is experiencing a rebirth.

Daimler Benz acquired the Maybach in 1961 and only at the end of the 90s, she decided to return to the past of the company and begin re-release of the famous exclusive cars. This decision was confirmed in 1997, the new concept car, which subsequently, in some degree influenced the later models.

Then DaimlerChrysler released a stunning Mercedes-Benz Maybach, in the manufacture of which has been applied a range of modern technologies, which included filling the car, and its appearance and interior.

With regard to subsequent models DaimlerChrysler brand Maуbach, then it is possible to note Maуbach 57, the length of which was standard - 5,72 m and Maуbach 62, he was somewhat longer, at 54 see both model have a 550-HP engine Maybach Type 12. It is a proprietary engine, the body of which is made of a special alloy of aluminum and magnesium. Its volume is 5.5 liters.

Maybach is the limit of perfection, because it is aimed at the richest and most famous people wanting to seem in the luxury vehicle. Designers are always working hard to design the bodywork, trim, that's why Maybach recognized luxury car in the world. Produce auto plants located in the USA and Germany in the implementation of the order, which is served in the Maybach centers, which are in many countries of the world. For years car repair and service for free, although the probability that it may have something to occur is minimized.

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