History of Mclaren

The history of the team McClaren begins in 1963 a very unusual page. Its founder is Bruce McLaren, an avid racer, but also a talented engineer who created their own sports team, from which was born the mark of truly enormous car.

A team of brilliant racing driver McLaren has won many victories in a row, without neglecting any competition. They can be called the most successful racing team 60-ies. Bruce is a true racing fan. He lived with them, victory was turned into the meaning of existence, and therefore can't do without them. This continued for several years, and the company, collecting more than decent fees, selling analogues victorious cars becoming more and more popular automaker.

The first car company becomes famous M1, equipped with a set of pure racing fun. In 1965 McLaren employs already known engineer Robin Hurd to create a new single chassis.

22 may in Monaco on "the Formula" there is a certain "McLaren-Ford M2, equipped with eight-cylinder is very good, but outdated engine. After racing the engine became unserviceable.

1966 saw the start of the Bruce McLaren race car not only its own production, but also of his own design, then work begins on the sports car Ford. But before this world was able to see another vehicle on the M3, which fared well on the Formula and even took part in the filming of Grand Prix.

Joint work with Ford brought the McLaren is not just a success, and enormous changes in my life. On the yellow cars series MA he and his partner win 5 out of 6 stages CanAm, and it is a real Paradise for the person who has racing in his blood. Leading the first two lines of credit, riders rejoice. And the car continues to conquer the summit in the form of Formula 1.

Already in 1968, the same herd, now the chief instructor McLaren, develops another racing treasure - the wheel of the McLaren M7, which impresses with its high-speed capabilities. Behind the wheel of this handsome Bruce McClaren first wins for the team in Formula 1 races. At the same time Ford is the company's new engine, different quality and capacity.

1969 was again marked by a triumphant procession of the team, taking part in the Formula 1 team presented several varieties M7, and Bruce himself has won all 11 stages CanAm. He becomes the champion, and is experiencing a real revenge.

70-tide team was a real winner, feeling honored triumph, but as well as it started the decade was marked by tragedy, the test of a new car dies Bruce McLaren. And it becomes not only a shock to all his friends, but also a disaster for the company.

After the founder's death the company was headed by first Teddy Mayer, and then Ron Dennis. And although all forecasts predicted oblivion of the company, without its Creator and founder, but within a decade the company "McLaren International has acquired the name of the world and has reached a whole new height. Now, her position would be proud founder himself.

80-tide for the company's glory years, until 1991 she barely knew defeat, creating a new, more advanced vehicles.

And here's a signed contract with DaimlerChrysler on acquisition of 40% stake McClaren, though 60% will allow the management company to continue to perform its functions, let's see what it will bring to the company.

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