History of Mercury

Mercury is a famous brand of vehicles owned by the Ford Motor Company. Date of opening falls on 1939. In that time it has spread available cars (something in between a luxury Linkoln and availability of Ford models). First, a division of Mercury released fully machine of their own design, but in the future everything has changed, and they were all built on the same platforms, and models of Ford cars.

The production of cars under the brand name Mercury was stopped in 2010. The most recent car was released in early 2011. The reason for the closure of production all have long known. The company Linkoln officially stated that in the last four years will be developed seven new promising models of cars. But Mercury had its own dealerships, so they are distributed together with the brand Lincoln.

As a result, now selling cars of this brand are dealers Lincoln or Ford. But fans of this brand don't worry, because the car brand Ford or Lincoln did not concede. In recent years they have become so popular that it is now in every yard they can be seen. Quality, reliable, beautiful appearance and ease of management that fully characterizes a modern car.

Photo Gallery of Mercury

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