History of Mg

MG - known British brand that produces sports cars, his work she started with the 1920-ies. The abbreviation MG comes from Morris Garages - the name of the company founded by William Morris (a former bike mechanic).

His current success of the company MG the Manager is obliged to Cecil Kimber, who never imagined my life without racing. He influenced the decision of Morris, who in 1923 he opened his own sports brand, which is recognized throughout the world. After that Cyber has decided to lead a company to produce sports cars, and 4 years later was born the MG Midget (the prototype of the modern TF Roadster).

Immediately after his appearance in all the papers predicted the success of this model, and, really, thanks to the reduced price (175 pounds) and high speeds the car very quickly sold out. The production model of MG cars occupied leading positions in the world sports arena. His reputation was confirmed by frequent victories cars in various competitions, which first took place in Europe, but eventually moved into the USA. Certainly, there the MG company didn't stop the developers are constantly looking for ways to speed sports cars became more and this does not affect the ease of management.

Photo Gallery of Mg

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