History of Mini

Mini - popular brand that manufacture small cars. This is the first legendary car appeared 40 years ago and since then has not changed, except that in terms of technical characteristics and appearance. Today Mini comes under the auspices of the BMW.

The company started after John Cooper in the late 40-ies opened his own company, which began manufacturing small racing cars. One of his successful models Cooper 500 many people made famous racers. By the way, one of the first clients Cooper was sterling moss.

Then there was the first car "Formula 2" Cooper at the wheel sat Manuel Fangio. It should be noted that the Cooper car company quietly resisted even such giants as Maserati and Ferrari. While Cooper was rear engine (late 1950's), and the giants - front.

The development of Mini car did the son of John Cooper, whose name was Mike. Besides, he was the owner of a tuning shop. Nobody had expected the appearance of the model Mini (1959) would have such a furor.

Small economical car is what people want. Thus, and became a legend.

Photo Gallery of Mini

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