History of Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi is a Japanese company producing cars. Is a member of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries. Gave life to the company Yataro Iwasaki in 1873, she was engaged in shipbuilding, but Iwasaki always paid attention on various technical innovations. In 1875 the name was the Mitsubishi Mail Steamship Company. In 1917 he published the first car, the model A, but after 4 years it ceased to produce due to lack of demand.

In 1924 the manufacture of trucks, buses Fuso, sprinklers and garbage trucks. In 1935 exits the bus with a diesel engine, after the Second world begins production of scooters and three-wheeled car, and only in 1946 production of buses.

In 1945, the scope of activities of Mitsubishi was great, it included even the banks, mining, chemical production, and it's not the whole list. In 1946 came the three-wheeled vehicle Mizushima, then it equipped cabin for 2 people. Appeared scooter Silver Pigeon. This period saw the emergence of a large number of consumers on the vehicle, so sales were going well.

In 1951 exits the truck T31 with air suspension, Mitsubishi begins to produce trucks and pickups, but heavy models are not in demand abroad.

Cars started to produce since 1960, when released the Mitsubishi 500, after 2 years beyond MPs for 4 passengers. Engine capacity of the car was only 359 cm3. In 1962 he started to produce family then Colt 600. he was great with quite a comfortable interior. After three years beyond Mitsubishi Colt 800.

Since 1969 the company began to produce more expensive cars, fully utilizing both external and internal design. Colt Galant with body type sedan was the first car that meet these parameters. Cars from the series participated in the rally, won in the categories car of the year, was voted the best selection of magazines in the world. Let's start with the fact that the first Colt Galant was due to the aerodynamic shape of your body, thanks to which the car during the ride received additional downforce for better connections with the road. In the model has been used Saturn motor, the cylinders of which had a head made of aluminium. This car marked the beginning of a significant segment of the market with its innovations and technical execution.

In 1963 begins production of new Rosa buses and trucks Canter. Already on the decline of the ' 60s, the company offers all conceivable classes of cars and is in great demand among consumers. In 1970 the company became independent and became known as the Mitsubishi Motors Corporation. In 1972 and 1973 at Southern Cross rally win Galant 16GLS and Lancer 1600GSR respectively.

In 1983, the cars appear electronic suspension. In 1982 the first modification of the Pajero In 1986 he became the SUV of the year in England. In 1983 he began to be made Mitsubishi Space Runner, which was upgraded in 1991. In 1984 Mitsubishi Galant, Mitsubishi Colt Lancer and become in Germany the main prize, the Golden wheel.

3000GT at the motor show in Tokyo made the prototype of a new model in 1989, and in 1990 he began to produce. After 5 years there was a modification with body type convertible. In 1991 Space Wagon begin to import European countries, and in 1997 released the upgraded version, which is beginning to be sold in Europe next year. In 1992 he began producing a Libero, presented in 1995 GSR Evo III engine which issued a working capacity of 270 HP In 1999 in selling out Lancer Evolution VI GSR with all-wheel drive.

1994 saw the release based on the Pajero minivan model Space Gear. The SUV Space Gear 4WD came a little later. In Holland, on the production, which co-exist Volvo, Mitsubishi motors and state production, begin to be issued and Mitsubishi cars, in particular the first Сarisma. A year later establish production in Australia and Thailand, and overlook Sigma and L200.

Mitsubishi Gasoline Direct Injection or simply GDI 1996 was the first engine that was able to combine the efficiency of a diesel engine and petrol power due to the direct injection of gasoline into the cylinders. In Japan a year later updated this engine model Diamante, Galant, Challenger, Pajero, Chariot, RVR. In Europe with this engine received only Carisma.

In 1998 there was a prototype Space Star minivan, which was produced in Holland especially for Europe. Mitsubishi Colt released in 2001, was presented in three forms - Base, Comfort and Elegance. L200 Strada is produced in Russia and is based on the L200 GLS.

Photo Gallery of Mitsubishi

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