History of Morgan

A company called Morgan was opened in 1906 in the small town of Malvern link. The base was due to a young, but ambitious, entrepreneur Henry Morgan. First, the plans of Henry Morgan was not part of the production of four-wheeled vehicles. Nevertheless, an engineer, Henry Morgan soon realized that this is a great way to earn big money.

The first version of your own car was created by Henry and his best friend Pitch Stevens. The experimental vehicle was a three-wheeled car called the Morgan Runabout. In early 1913 Henry registers his company under the name of Morgan Motor Company. The main aim of the company is production of high quality cars.

Since that time, the brand is in constant development, introducing new technologies, and the product quality is becoming higher. At the same time and until 1936, the firm is also engaged in the improvement of the Runabout. Fortunately, the model can be considered more than successful. Runabout, for many years, takes part in various competitions, and I'll give her that - wins. In short, the model Runabout is something of a cause celebre of the company. it is worth noting that in the late 20-ies of the almost all well-known automotive competitions take updated the rules under which the Runabout car should start a little later than their competitors, we are talking about the lag in one circle. No less popular among fans of the brand enjoys the car, released in 1933, which was equipped with an engine from Henry Ford.

After the death of the great and truly brilliant engineer, a company headed by his son. In 1962, the company is the winner of one of the largest competitions - race at Le Mans. However, the rate of production will be significantly reduced, not daring to any changes, Peter Morgan in the eyes of their subordinates turns into an ordinary loser. And only in 1968, Peter decides to serious steps.

60-you the years the company has gone through something of a "sunset" success. At this time strongly and steadily declining production figures, indices, respectively, of sales also fall. Nevertheless, the current CEO Charles Morgan still has time to get into the history of the company. It was under his leadership created quite a few successful models: Morgan GTR and Morgan GT2, etc.

Despite the large number of various obstacles the company like a "Phoenix" rising from the ashes. Today, Morgan is a successful brand in the production of quality also true British cars.

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