History of Nissan

Nissan is the largest automotive company in Japan, which specializes in the production of trucks, passenger cars, buses under its own brand or the brand name Datsun. The main office is located in Tokyo.

The basis of the company's accounts for the year 1925. It was then that the two companies Jitsuo Jidosha Co. and Kwaishinsha Co. merged into one. The first result of their collaboration appeared in 1931. And 3 years later the company received its present name. Incidentally, the name of the company comes from Nihon Sanya. At that time, he worked in the company (heavy engineering). So the model of Datsun car, which immediately sunk into the soul of consumers. And the cost was way too conservative, which further increased the demand.

Nissan more than a dozen years is a leader in the global markets. All machines feature a large selection of equipment, design reliability, high performance and technical characteristics.

Today, Nissan is the second largest car manufacturer in Japan and one of the leaders of the world automakers. In addition to local Japanese factories, Nissan has a huge number of subsidiaries and affiliated companies worldwide (Europe, Austria, the USA, Asia, South America).

Photo Gallery of Nissan

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