History of Oldsmobile

Famous elite American car brand called Oldsmobile is owned by General Motors. The brand is one of the oldest representatives of the automotive industry.

The "father" of the company is its founder, Ransom olds, whereby in 1891, the world had a three-wheeled steam prototype of its own design. And in a year there is a presentation of the first of its kind petrol car. buyers rushed to reward this invention due attention resulting in 1897, the designer decided to open his own company under the name of the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. As they say, practice makes perfect. already in 1899 production requires immediately restructurable and transformation. so the light is born Olds Motor Works.

But then new problems. The fact that the name of the main company car sounds like "Oldsmobile" on behalf of the founder olds. The truth is most buyers, this name is associated with a value of "old" and therefore the car is presented as a vehicle for the elderly. How to be and to do? How to sell youth "old car". Soon the company will be found quite original output: advertising company vehicle is held under the slogan: "young at heart", which translates as "young at heart".

And everything was going good, but here's the thing: in 1901 the company raging fire that almost completely destroys everything that was painstakingly constructed. The company moved to Lansing, and himself olds, who by that time had a rather big state, two years later forced to sell its stake.

Since 1908 olds working on the creation of new enterprises Reo Motor Car Company. Big money makes large demands and requests: in 1913, olds buys about 35 thousand acres of land and founded there the city in its network - olds-on-the-Bay, which is now better known as Oldsmar. But here Oldsman adversity strikes: the town falls terrible forces of a hurricane. losses can be described in one word: terrible." Since that time olds stops though whatever it was interested in their city. And in 1950 th olds died.

To date, the oldest American automobile brand is something of a historic landmark.

Experts note that the majority of manufactured brand cars is a certain similarity duplicate products of other branches of GM. They are characterized by the presence of common platforms, as well as the same design direction.

The oldest American brand Oldsmobile will successfully exist until 2005, it was at this time expires dealership contract. New, presented in 2001, SUV under the name Bravada will be available for another two years and then will be transferred to other branches of GM. This, at first glance, a rather cruel decision dictated by economic problems. after all this time, sales of passenger vehicles for several years "roll" down. And this is despite the fact that in recent times the development of new models of the company allocated $ 4-5 billion.

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