History of Pagani

Argentinian Horacio Pagani from the earliest years was definitely confident in their future profession. His life Horatio decided to completely and without a trace "give" favorite cars. In my 20 years Horatio had a pound of knowledge in the field of design "sport horses". With his in-depth knowledge Horatio has earned the respect of the local Argentine automobile companies who strictly followed the advice of "young motorist".

Since 1983, Horacio Pagani live in so-called European automotive center, we are talking about Modena. However, the kid had a lot of "sweat" before owning my own business. The first successful venture was a company called Modena Design, the purpose of which was the creation of interiors and exteriors sports cars. Plus the company is also engaged in the study of composite materials. Constantly working and striving for success, Horatio earn your first million. It was at this time thought Horatio back to children's cherished dream - to own a supercar.

One of the main events in the life of Horatio, which greatly influenced the further development of the company "Pagani", was meeting with five-time champion "Formula 1 racing legend competitions - Juan Manuel Fangio. These two Argentine fed each other with sincere respect, and so there is nothing surprising in the fact that the driver has given its consent to the establishment of the company Pagani special car, dedicated to the aforementioned championship. Almost at the same moment Horatio starts to productive work, and by 1988 with confidence may submit a preliminary sketches of the future "works".

Due to the fact that everyone was expecting to see just the perfect car, the work took Pagani about 10 years. To attack this time, Horacio Pagani has already "ripe" for the sale of its shareholding in the company Modena Design, and the money began to realizing the dream of founding a new company under his own name.

In 1998 Horatio finally the world is a "masterpiece", unfortunately by this time, Juan Manuel Fangio died and was not able to witness the legendary car Pagani Zonda C12. The car was equipped with a 12-cylinder V-neck a 7.3-liter, 550-HP Mercedes engine. It is on this motor insisted five-time winner of the world in one personal conversations with Horatio. The name for the car was not selected randomly, known as "Zonda" is the name of the strongest hurricane winds.

The success of the Pagani is a great example achieve stunning results through hard work and sincere dreams. In the first year of the existence of the legendary car Pagani Zonda C12, the Creator've received about 100 applications for the purchase of the "iron horse". Each year the success of the company increases to higher peaks and this is despite the fact that the company can offer its fans just one car model Pagani Zonda C12.

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