History of Peterbilt

Peterbilt is among the three largest manufacturers of tractors in America. Incredibly powerful engines have become the hallmark of this brand.


After the first world war in the United States dramatically increases the demand for freight. Partly, this contributes to the development of a network of good roads.

Since 1919, the entrepreneur Cummings opens up a company to manufacture diesel engines, which continues to function to this day. For promoting his product, he made many efforts: in particular, conducts an advertising company in 1931, which was to rally across the country on vehicles equipped with engines. The company gives a positive result, an increasing number of manufacturers prefer diesel engines. In this period, the growing popularity of cabover trucks. Motorization takes place everywhere, in almost all the spheres in place of horses coming cars and trucks. The beginning of the 20th century can be called the period of the transport revolution in America.

The demand for trucks was reduced in the 30-ies. Although the level of sales has decreased, "the Great depression" has affected this area is much less than other sectors of business. The market is constantly replenished with new models, but even under these conditions, some firms are unable to avoid bankruptcy. Such a fate suffered and the California-based company Pajeon motors, which after 17 years of successful production of buses and heavy trucks was sold in 1932. The new owners, the Central Bank of Oakland and "Waukesha motors company operated the company for long and in April 1939 resold it to the lumberman of Tacoma, T. A. Peterman.

Photo Gallery of Peterbilt

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