History of Pontiac

Pontiac or Pontiac Division is the division of the world famous company "General motors". It specializes in the production of sports cars type. The headquarters of the "Pontiac" is located in the state of Michigan, the city of Pontiac.

If you examine the ancestry of this company, it began in 1893 with some based E. M. Murphy company Pontiac Buggy" in the town of Pontiac. First, the firm was engaged in the production crews.

And only in 1907, the Oakland Motor car Company switched to manufacturing cars. A few years later Oakland joined General Motors.

Since 1926 firm called the Pontiac Motor Division. Harry Klinger in 1933, becoming its CEO. Thanks to his disposal released the updated model with independent suspension and a six-cylinder engine.

In 1935, the world saw the coupe Pontiac Silver Streak. It was a stunning success! And immediately the question arose capacities of the enterprise.

Series "orpedo" began its March in 1941. The models of this series were produced some time after the war.

Model "Catalina" went on sale in 1950. And, since 1952, she was equipped with such a pleasing novelty as an automatic transmission.

In 1953 he was made a model with a body "Hardtop". On cars of this company are the power steering. A little later, started production engine with mechanical fuel injection system.

The model of the "Tempest" was published in 1961.

Since 1965, a series of cars Pontiac includes eight families. Sports cars Pontiac GTO coupe constantly win at breakneck races Hollywood. For the first time this car was born in 1937.

The presentation is quite compact models under the name "Ventura" occurred in 1971. And in 1973 began a time of production of the model "Grand Am". Its a completely new generation was shown in Detroit and it happened in the winter of 1998. This car can be in two versions: a two-door coupe and four-door sedan.

Since 1974, there is another change: all cars Pontiac equipped with front disc brakes.

In 1984 came to light model sports coupe Pontiac Fiero.

In the 80s of last century, this brand includes a great variety of different models from the miniature with a 1.8 l engine and up to luxury sedans with engine up to five liters.

Spring-summer 1996 was presented to the public five-door Pontiac Montana minivan with front wheel drive. In 2000, the year have been made some minor exterior changes. They coincided with the change of the interior, and the emergence of new equipment.

Now Pontiac though no longer of administrative autonomy, however, continues to play a special role in automotive Empire under the name "General Motors". This Department is considered a "youth". Liked Grand Am, Bonneville and Trans Sport successfully continue its March. And began its journey in 2000 Aztek received the title of "most unusual" SUV of the world.

Photo Gallery of Pontiac

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