History of Porsche

"Porsche" is a world famous German car company with its headquarters in Stuttgart.

It is based automotive group one of the most famous designers of his time by Ferdinand Porsche Sr. And thought it is as a design Bureau. It happened in 1931 in Germany. In 1936, for one of the companies was designed car racing type 22. The first groundwork of the future "national car" "Beetle" were then developed.

In 1937, for the needs of the Third Reich was a racing car designed for participation and victory in the marathon Berlin - Rome. He was scheduled for September 1939. It was then that "Porsche" and has received tremendous support of the National sports Committee.

This event has developed three prototype Porsche. They were all based on the basis of the famous "Beetle". The engine they should have been with a capacity of fifty horsepower. However, these grandiose plans were disrupted by the war.

All the war years were devoted to the execution of orders of the state. Were made and staff cars, tanks, amphibious, self-propelled guns.

In the postwar period in Germany in 1948 Porsche launches his first car under the name "Porsche". It was a small sport model equipped volkswagen's engine coupe and had a streamlined shape. Immediately after the release of this car managed to win at the races. But the production model Porsche-356" belonged already to the rear. They were produced until 1965 and was a perfect base for "Carrera". The first pure sports car was the model of 1953 under the name "Porsche 550 Spider. He was destined not to win another victory! Thanks to his victory at the famous race "Carrera Panamericana" that took place in Mexico, and was traditionally this name to the fastest cars of the company.

The fiftieth year the world saw the first "Spider", who had a soft top and direct the windshield.

In 1955 he published the first "Porsche Carrera".

But 1956 was marked by two events: in a series of sports cars appeared modification "A" and updated version of "356" and its continuation was "A".

In 1958, she was born a completely new racing car "Porsche 718". And externally, and inside this model was fully updated.

In the late fifties the place of the beloved "Spider" took a powerful model "356D".

In the sixties saw the light of the latest development of the dynasty 550-x". It became the model 718/RS".

"356 GS Carrera" brilliantly acted races "Gran Turismo". At the same time appeared the fastest car of the whole family “Carrera - Carrera-2”.

In 1963 was made more changes, and the result is a model “S”.

More than fifteen years of Porsche 356 remained one of the most prestigious sports cars in the world. However, over time even he is less consistent with modern requirements. It is time for something completely new, daring. And as such was another masterpiece of Ferdinand Porsche - known to one and all “Porsche 911”. In its creation took active participation of sinonovacula - Ferdinand Alexander. A new car was shown to the public for the first time in 1963 at the Frankfurt motor show.

In the world of sports also it's time for replacements. A worthy successor to “RS Spyder and 356 GS Carrera” was declared “904 GTS, having bright features race cars.

In 1965, the light came more affordable modification Porsche-912”, equipped with four-cylinder engine “Super 90”.

Many favorite Porsche 911 Targa” went on sale in 1967.

In 1975 Porsche-924” saw the light. He was recognized as one of the most economical among sports cars.

In 1979 powerful “928S” with the engine in the three hundred HP was offered to the masses. The speed of this car could reach two hundred fifty kilometers an hour.

For some time we have developed new and very successful model: “936”, “956 and 962”. They were destined not once to gather laurels in the race.

In the late eighties model 911 Spider” was released. But the turbo was released only in the new decade, namely in 1991.

In 1992, numerous family “Porsche” enlarged novelty. It was the model with the engine in the front, “968”.

In 1993, at the Frankfurt motor show, there was the debut of the new generation of this model as “911 After two years the car was released Porsche boxer turbo engine. All in the same year out of the race model “928 and 968”.

Concern "Porsche" in 1996, represents a completely new type of auto - namely the model "Boxster". This new product has a soft top, but it can be hard.

15 July 1996 became memorable in the history of this company, because at that time the world saw the millionth Porsche. Honor had become one of the model “911 Carrera” in the police version.

The undisputed hit of 1999 recognized the GT3 model, which replaced the RS.

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