History of Saab

Saab is a Swedish company that specializes in the production of both freight and passenger cars. This branch is owned by a huge Corporation "General motors". The main office is located in Trollhattan.

The Saab was founded long time ago, in 1937. Then she was engaged in the construction of combat aircraft. But immediately after the Second world demand fell significantly, and the company had to change its direction. Thus, the company began to produce cars. And in the summer of 1946 was made prototype - 92. Modified this design only after 3 years, after which she became a serial. The first cars were equipped with dual-piston engines DKW, however, a bit later replaced by a more powerful one.

In the early 50-ies of the Swedes worked hard over the "polishing" of cars, increased rear visibility, the number of cylinders (was 4) and trunk. In 52, the year starts the first lineup of sports cars Saab, the development of which took into account two modifications: 92 DeLuxe and Saab Standart 92. In 1955 the new car Saab 93 new 3-cylinder engine and tubeless tires. The vehicle speed is 210 km/h they are struck by motorists and, finally, announced their intentions to competitors.

Current models of Saab cars represent a combination of elegant beauty with a "Scandinavian design". Thanks to the aerodynamic lines, the car companies become recognizable even in the crowd. The second difference is the ease of use and maximum comfort. Although every time people may feel that to make this easier Saab is unrealistic, but the producers prove otherwise.

Photo Gallery of Saab

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