History of Saleen

Saleen Incorporated is an American manufacturer of high-speed sports cars. The main office is located in Irvine (California).

The Corporation was founded by Steve Salin in 1983. And a year later invented the first sports car and launched it on sale. He had an excellent aerodynamics, had a very functional and attractive cabin. It is worth noting that this car was made exclusively to order.

Throughout its history Saleen has produced more than 12,000 cars, and has trained more than 600,000 vehicles Ford brand.

Nowadays the company is engaged in the small scale production of racing cars and sports tracks. The main and most popular model is the Saleen S7, and its modification. This car belongs to a racing class GT-1 and participates in the competition at Le Mans.

In recent years, the company Saleen been involved in the tuning of such famous companies as General Motors, Ford and Toyota. The most popular model of the company - well a finely tuned Ford Mustang. Marche cars Saleen should be given credit for the quality, beauty, reliability, and easy management. Saleen proved their superiority to the world!

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