History of Saturn

In 1985 was based engineering division of the American company "General Motors", called "Saturn". The company started the development and production of compact and fuel-efficient cars for the domestic market of the country in order to compete with the Japanese brands, widely available in the United States after world fuel crisis.

In 1996 he was presented production electric car brand "Saturn", which in the Wake of the success of GM cars has caused a high enough interest from buyers. Bold designs have permitted the company to Saturn in 1997 to enter the Japanese automotive market, which caused a great resonance in the automotive world. In 2000th years the firm has been actively promoting its all-wheel drive model, building, unlike other brands of the group of companies "General motors", their cars on a unique platform independent, which of course made them more expensive competitors.

However, in 2008, when GM was on the verge of bankruptcy, was affected all of the company's brands. Signing a contract with the Congress of the United States of America, the company still managed to get subsidies on the further development of its products, but with a condition of closing or selling the most unprofitable projects. In addition to truly unprofitable brands, under the impact came and firm Saturn cars which, though demand in the U.S. and Canada, but had no popularity in Europe and other countries. In 2010, the brand Saturn announced its bankruptcy, after the deal on the sale to the holding "Penske", which owns one of the most successful racing teams in the world, was broken.

Photo Gallery of Saturn

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