History of Scion

Mark "Scion" is owned by a Japanese Corporation Toyota. Since 2003 under this brand are produced cars for young people. They are simple, but at the same time very attractive design and low price.

The first machines were introduced at the Chicago auto show, then sales started very successfully. These hatchbacks, xA and xB were made on the basis of the Toyota Yaris, and was previously sold under the parent brand in Japan, so the manufacturer has managed to break all the technology, and to provide a quality product to American consumers. In 2005 lineup of "Scion" was extended, it appeared tC coupe with a powerful motor in 2.4 liters of displacement. After another 2 years in the range of the brand presented the new model - 2nd generation xB and hatchback-subcompact xD. The last machine was equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with a capacity of 128 horsepower, and was much more spacious cabin than the previous xA, proved too small for American consumers. The complete set of models was also quite wide, although all brand in General was positioned as a budget car for novice drivers. The car had air conditioning, brake system with antisocially, power steering, air bags, and much more. Because of this, xD gained huge demand among young people, although the background models of the parent brand "Toyota" sale looked modestly, but for a young brand it was a significant success.

In 2008 was released a concept car Scion Hako, which has received high marks at the new York auto show. The machine had a retro design and vertical windshield, and attracted great attention.

In 2012, the company "Scion" was marked by the release of the original coupe FR-S.

Photo Gallery of Scion