History of Seat

"Seat" is a Spanish car company that produces cars. In 1990, this group became part of the German car company Volkswagen. The headquarters of this organization is located in Barcelona.

Established automotive company "seat" was in 1950. In the role its founders were the national Institute of industry, which had a controlling stake of 51%, six banks and Fiat, who owned seven percent of the shares and its license production. The plant started to build in the free economic zone of Barcelona.

The first car SEAT was released in 1953. And next year they were released about three thousand. Model SEAT 600 began its journey in 1956.

By 1965, "seat" produces more than a hundred thousand cars a year. Display of Seat 850 was made in 1966.

Issue 124 model was launched in 1968. Over time, the volume of its production gets to the level of two hundred thousand cars a year.

In 1970, the audience were presented with such novelties as Seat 1600, 1800 Seat and Seat 124 coupe. At this time, the volume of exports increases ten times when compared with 1965.

But the sports page of history "Seat" was started in 1970. After some time the plant has a special Department dealing with car SEAT Sport line. Since 1972, the racers Spain not once has appeared in various European Championships.

In 1974 he was released two millionth "seat". Sales of this car has been the equivalent of a billion dollars! The company "seat" occupies the eighth place in the ranking of European car manufacturers. Despite the crisis, the concern continues to gain momentum, built a new factory and warehouse in Martorell.

In 1981, "seat" has developed a completely new strategy and we are working on our new line of cars. In not included such models as Malaga, Ronda, Marbella, Ibiza.

In 1982 an agreement was signed on mutually beneficial cooperation with the German concern Volkswagen. And in 1986 this concern is acquiring a controlling stake in "seat". By the end of the year, this share had increased to seventy-five percent. In 1989, began construction of a new plant, located in Martorell. In 1990, the Volkswagen group was able to acquire 99, 99% of all shares of the company "seat".

In the winter of 1993 was held the Grand opening of a new factory in Martorell.

In the summer of 1984 saw the light of the new Seat Ibiza. From the very first days from the conveyor went five hundred thirty cars of this brand in a day. By the way, auto SEAT Ibiza managed three times to win the world rally championship in its class.

Since 1995 and in 1997 "seat" has managed to double the production car. The range was increased from five to eleven models. The market had already sixty-two countries!

In the nineties there was another event: the well-known SEAT Sport has managed to get back on the world sports arena. In the late summer of 1998 at the rally 1000 lakes in Finland was presented Seat Сordoba WRC.

In March 1991, the world saw the car Seat Toledo, belonging to the middle class. This car had a transverse engine layout and front drive. And in the fall of 1998, presents an entirely new generation of this model.

Front-Seat Alhambra was introduced in 1995 in Frankfurt. But is this model since 1996. Since 1998, the car is equipped with a new turbocharged engine. In the summer of 2000, this model has been upgraded.

From may 1997 at one of the plants of the Volkswagen group produced a model Seat Arosa. It's pretty compact and convenient car. Since 1998, the car is equipped with a diesel engine capacity of 1.7 litres.

Premiere of three - and five-door models Seat Leon took place in 1999.

Three car "seat" is available in three completely different locations: model Marbella is the first plant of the concern "seat" in Barcelona, Alhambra and VW Sharan Ford Galaxy are produced in Portugal, and compact Arosa - the company Volkswagen in Germany.

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