History of Skoda

Skoda is a Czech company producing cars. The main office is located in mladá Boleslav. Skoda belongs to the company "Volkswagen".

Skoda is a special world that is built by human hands, and all for the satisfaction of all the desires of the consumer.

The main purpose of Skoda - just look forward and to constantly improve their products.

Skoda is both progressive technology, and environmentally sophisticated mechanisms, reliability, safety and irresistible appearance.

Employees of the company cars account for the fact that they are less polluted environment. "High quality would be impossible without constant care about the environment", - this phrase is a challenge for each company.

However, the Corporation Skoda enough time allocated for the problems of safe driving, as well as to teach children traffic rules through various computer games, special programs, literature, etc.

Skoda is a truly perfect world, with all your dreams will come true!

Finally it should be noted that the model Fabia, Fabia Sedan and Combi discontinued and is not shared, since 2007, and a year and model of Skoda Superb.

Photo Gallery of Skoda

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