History of Smart

MCC (Micro Compact Car AG is a joint venture created by corporations like Daimler-Benz and the renowned Swiss company called SMH. The purpose of them was the following: to create an urban double and quite economical Smart car. In General, the Smart company is a subsidiary of DaimlerChrysler.

The model name "Smart" is translated as "wise guy". For the first time she was presented at the Frankfurt motor show in 1997. The production of these cars is in the town of Ambush, in France, since 1998.

Created this car to "sandwich" platform. Body length is equal to two and a half meters, and its construction is energy absorbing. Weight of car is seven hundred and twenty pounds. The risk of a rollover car on sharp turns are reduced to almost zero, because it has a lower center of gravity.

As for the engine, there is a three-cylinder capacity 0.6 litres. The power of its forty - five horsepower. Is the engine in this car back. Maximum speed - hundred and thirty-five miles an hour.

The standard equipment included: traction control, dynamic stability, collapsible steering column, as well as airbags for the driver and passenger cars.

Premiere gig took place in September 1999. And in November of the same year to the public was presented the option of cdi engine.

Photo Gallery of Smart