History of Ssangyong

In 1954 in Korea based company called Ha Dong-hwan Motor Co. The purpose of this company was to release vehicles for commercial use. We are talking about such vehicles as buses, trucks and other specialty vehicles.

1967 was the year of mutually beneficial partnership with the company Shinjin jeep Motor Co., Ltd. This is the time of exporting buses with a large capacity. And in 1974, the company Ha Dong-hwan Motor Co., Ltd becomes one of the largest owners of Shinjin jeep Motor Co., Ltd. Then begins a seminal work on the development of SUVs with soft and hard top.

In 1977, the company decided on the name change:

Ha Dong-hwan Motor Co., Ltd is transformed into a Donga Motor Co., Ltd. In 1980, the company had to enter the "National Defense Industry in South Korea.

1982 was the starting point for the development of dump trucks. In 1983 the company Donga Motor Co. becomes the owner of the brand "KORANDO" Geohwa Co., Ltd.

And in 1984 is absorbed company Geohwa Co., Ltd.

1986 - the company starts exporting "KORANDO" on the territory of Japan. In the same year, the co-owner of the company Donga Motor Co becomes Ssang Yong GROUP.

Since 1988, all the cars produced by the company are sold under the brand name Ssang Yong, and the name of the production is renamed the Ssang Yong Motors Co. Available AWD SUV Korando Family, which was based on the basis of the Isuzu Trooper.

In the same year of 1988, the company Ssang Yong acquires one British company - Panther. After a few years, started production two-seat Roadster Kallista, which was the development of the aforementioned company.

In 1993 the German company Mercedes-Benz AG enters into a joint stock company Ssang Yong Motors. Between these two companies is the so-called technical Union for the purpose of production of passenger cars.

Since 1995 the cars built Ssang Yong Motors are exported to European markets. In 1997, the company presents the world of luxury car Executive Chairman, is developed based on the Mercedes-Benz W124/E320.

Since 1998, in connection with the acquisition of the company Ssang Yong representatives of the Daewoo Group, the models of cars manufactured under the brand Daewoo. Logo Ssang Yong after 1999, almost does not appear on the models of vehicles.

In 2000, the company Daewoo catch up with unexpected financial difficulties, therefore, Ssang Yong acquires the long-awaited independence. From 2001 to 2006, the company constantly pleases her fans with another model developments.

At the present time, the company Ssang Yong rightly bears the title of leader among Korean manufacturers-wheel drive vehicles. The latest technical and design solutions, as well as care for the comfort of its customers has led us to the honorary title of the most prestigious Korean brand. On our laurels Ssang Yong is not going to stop and strives for dynamic development. The company plans to Fund the model range in the international automotive market and to create new hits like Rexton, Musso Sports and Rodius.

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