History of Subaru

Subaru is a company that specializes in the production of passenger and commercial vehicles. The company also takes an active part in the aircraft industry, various industrial equipment. The headquarters of the companies are located in Tokyo. Branch "Subaru", which was founded in 1956, was conceived as a manufacturer of high-end scooter Rabbit. But two years later the company introduced the world's first car Minicar 360. Initially, the car no one was interested, but after two years the situation has changed dramatically, and the rate of sales increased markedly. Since that time, Subaru becomes the leading manufacturer of such vehicles in the country.

Since 1960, is working on the issue and improve the 360 is still the model. In 1965, the model range of the company added a completely new and unique model 1000. This car was destined to become the first production vehicle with the presence of the front wheel.

In 1969 the car, which was equipped liter engine, is subjected to a thorough modernization and awarded a characteristic designation FF. In the future, the model is awarded the title Leone. This is followed quite successful and rapid advance of Hiroshima car company on the border of the international market.

In mid-1972 Subaru launches two brand new models: front-wheel Leone 1400 FD and 4WD AWD Leone 1400. This event becomes the most important step in the biography of the enterprise.

In 1968 the company Subaru becomes a constituent element of the Corporation Nissan, although it remains an independent brand. In New Zealand, and Thailand open Assembly plants Subaru.

After successful submission Leone (1974) outside of Japan begins during the present boom in sales. Thus, in the course of only two years, sold more than 100,000 copies of the above car, 30.000 Leone leave for the USA.

By the mid 1980s the number of company-produced cars constantly increases and reaches 250,000 copies a year. More than half of the cars are exported. The company is publicly recognized by the European market and USA also turns into a major importer of the brand. In the 80 years the company had several different variants of cars: completely redesigned Rex, a new version Justy, which are distinguished by larger size, as well as flagship Leone/1800 and quite original minibus under the name Domingo/Libero.

On its laurels, the company decides not to stop and launches range of additional bodies Leone. To join sedan coupe, station wagon and pickup truck.

One of the most original models of the company "Subaru" is considered a car Libero, which was notable for its tiny size. The model was designed for 6 passengers or 600 pounds and was ideal for family walks.

In 1990, the company is expanding its range with a new name Vivio. This is a car that was created specifically for city driving and was equipped with an engine of only 658 CC

In 1992, the group produces one of its victors - Impreza. This car has managed to give the company a huge amount of victories in various rallies. In 2000/2001 this car was awarded the title "Car of 2000/2001 in Japan.

After a few years Subaru surprising his fans with a truly revolutionary car. As everyone probably already guessed, we are talking about Outback sports car with SUV features. Caught up in the wave of this success, the producers decided on quite another revolutionary move is the creation of models of the Forester, which goes beyond the traditional automotive performance. In September 1997, the car officially presented at the Frankfurt motor show. This model is equipped with two-liter boxer engine, which is 122 HP Forester is a variant of the vehicle with high permeability. The car immediately attracts the attention that it deserves.

Among the latest innovations is impossible to ignore Subaru HM-01, the so-called prototype of the first car company Subaru. In 2002 at the Detroit salon a company gives to its customers a new development - pickup Subaru Baja. The design was based on well-known Outback.

In the beginning of XXI century the company was able to boast of a total production of cars under the brand name "Subaru", the number is close to half a million copies. However, Subaru besides the production of hi-tech cars, pays due attention and also other activities. So, the successful work carried out in the machine tool industry, and metallurgy. The production of components of rocket ships and space ships is also one of the activities of the world famous company "Subaru".

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