History of Suzuki

"Suzuki" is representative of Japanese manufacturers compact economy cars with high permeability. The headquarters of company is located in the city of Hamamatsu. By 2001, one-third of all shares of the company is in possession of the company "General motors".

The birth of the company was made possible through the efforts of its founder Macio Suzuki. The last in 1920 was engaged in the manufacture of looms in one of the small local villages - Hamamatsu. The first design is small and compact cars were built since 1937 and was completed by 1939. However, the development and implementation of the project had to be suspended in connection with the disposal of the government of the time. Production of civilian cars was recognized as "immaterial goods" and Mr. Suzuki was ordered to stop further work on the design and production of automobiles.

However, at the end of the war, Suzuki again returns to its long unfulfilled dream automotive. As a result of his labors is created motorized Bicycle of Power Free. The bike was inexpensive and easy to design a vehicle that came equipped with 36 CC two-stroke engine.

To attack 1954 Suzuki confidently producing 6,000 motorcycles per month. After some time taken the decision to change the company name to Suzuki Motor Co., Ltd. After the successful release of motorcycles, the company is finally launching the first car sample - Suzulight (1955). In 1967 the company has already successfully represents a new generation of front-wheel drive models Fronte-360.

In the late 70-ies the company Suzuki is launching a quite original all-wheel drive variant of the micro-car, only Jimny. This model for many years successfully exported to many countries around the world.

In 1977, the company decided to expand its range of activities and proceed to the manufacture of engines for motor boats. It is the "Suzuki" is the same company that first made it a three-year limited warranty for marine engines.

In 1981 specifically for the European market comes a new model Alto, fitted with got a one-litre 4-cylinder engine, whose power reaches 54 HP depending on the order and wishes of the client, the car can be manufactured with three-speed automatic or a five-speed gearbox. Since the autumn of 1994, the production of this car is in India. To attract more number of new customers 5-door hatchback is offered for the price of 3-door.

In 1983, on sale new car Cultus, equipped with a liter engine. The car of this model is made for buyers in the European market in Hungary, where the company "Suzuki".

1985 is a breakthrough for the company. It was at this time "Suzuki" is its model range in the USA.

For more than 30 years, Suzuki has worked hard to fine reputation of the manufacturer of the world famous and revered small compact cars.

Since 1990, work begins on changing the company's name. This year, the company turns to Suzuki Motor Corporation. Along with this expanded and updated and also the range of the enterprise. Since 1991, is the production of a small double car under the original title of Cappuccino. Since 1993, the sale of cars is on the territory of Egypt.

To the onset of 2000, the company ranked 12th among the world's automakers, and the number of sales is approaching 1.8 million units per year. Celebrating the 80th anniversary of the company, the guide replaces the President, as well as working on the Foundation of education and culture. At the same time on the market new models: Wagon R Solio and Grand Escudo.

In 2001 in the American market there is a new 7-mestra SUV model - XL-7, which is the largest size automobile created by Suzuki. The eyes of Japanese consumers, the company is pleased with the new Aerio passenger car, which is equipped with a 1.5 l engine. The market also goes Aerio Sedan, 7-seater Every Landy engine 1.3 l and a-CT MR Wagon.

Further, the company declares that he will not use lead in the painting of cars and motorcycles. In addition to the successful design and production of new models of passenger cars, the company also creates new models of motorcycles: GS1200SS, Intruder Classic, GSX1400, and others.

At the same time passes announcing the product of joint work by Suzuki and General Motors, we are talking about the Chevrolet Cruze. Also reached certain agreements with Kawasaki and Nissan.

One of the most successful years for the company "Suzuki" is 2002. It was at this time there is a world famous model Jimny Sierra, as well as a car Alto Lapin. To start a successful exporting Chevrolet Cruze.

As you can see, a little, nevertheless, talented group of engineers specialized in the development looms, rose to the rank of the world famous company.

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