History of Tatra

One of the oldest representatives of the global automotive enterprises is a company Tatra. This brand specializes not only in cars but also in the production of electric and diesel locomotives, trucks and special machinery. It should be noted that at present the production of passenger cars for some reason stopped.

The birth of the company occurred in June 1850. It was at this time an ordinary artisan Ignatz Sustala together with its closest two apprentices decided to open his own Studio, specializing in the creation of the carriage. The shop was right in the house of village governance. After a while the craftsman with his assistants mastering more advanced technique of production of different coaches with all sorts of bodies. Since 1853 fashion is the first factory building. As a result of these "adventures", the company was founded Sustala & Co (1858). Due to the structure of the railway Studenka - stramberk for the company's newly opened more opportunities, and Ignatz Sustala starts creating corps, intended for the production of railway wagons. In 1882 the first experimental 15 pieces such buildings presented before the surprised eyes of the public.

In the summer of 1897 the company produces its first car - Presedent. After two years

I. Sustala creates the first truck, which has a rather high load - carrying capacity of 2.5 tons, also the vehicle is equipped with two motors.

The demand for cars and trucks is increasing every year, which is the main cause reorientation of the company, and subsequently shifts the trademarks on TATRA (1920).

Some of the most important stages in the life of the company is the arrival of a new brilliant designer of Hans Ledwinka, is Packed with original ideas. It was he who in 1923 he designed a small car TATRA 11 of its own scheme. Over the next 80 years, all products created under this scheme.

Around the early 30-ies of the company start to produce cars designed for the highest class: T 70 T 80. In 1934 the world present a model of T 77, which is a great example of high-class limousine. In 1938 replaced the model T 87, which is characterized by the presence of more comfortable and convenient the body, and also the engine more power. The vehicle receives the attention they deserve and well produced. And only after the expiration of a long time in 20 years, the car is replaced by a more advanced model T 603.

The company TATRA tirelessly committed to improvement of technologies, every year an increasing number of produced cars. At this time, the company has four main production program, it is about the family of heavy-duty trucks with a high patency rate. Two vehicles include cars, intended for General use, and the other two are special options that are used for the army, as well as complex work in adverse weather conditions.

Photo Gallery of Tatra

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