History of Tofas

Tofas is a name known Turkish company, which is engaged in the production and sale of cars. The headquarters of the companies are located in Istanbul.

Company Tofas produced vehicles under license from FIAT. On the basis of the discontinued in Italy FIAT 131, descend from the conveyor following models: Dogan, Sahin, and Kartal. These models are not only attractive appearance but also affordability. The car is equipped with 96-horsepower engine with the presence of the catalytic Converter, as well as functions of injection.

Nevertheless, it is worth noting that the firm is also engaged in the production and more advanced models, we are talking about Uno, Tipo and Tempra. A relatively recent model, Tempra since 1995 successfully exported to European countries in two versions: sedan and wagon. The Station Wagon model, the so-called lifting option is quite popular and in demand, especially among the local Turkish population. A large number of cars produced in Tofas successfully implemented on the territory of Africa, Asia, and the development of the company every year is gaining momentum.

Photo Gallery of Tofas