History of Toyota

Toyota Motor Corporation, Toyota Jidosha KK - largest car manufacturer known around the world. The headquarters is located in Japan in the city of Toyota. In recent decades the company has expanded worldwide and is a leader among automobile manufacturers.

The history of Toyota begins in 1935, when the company Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, whose main activity was the production of textile machines, decides to open additional production and enjoy designing your own vehicles, focusing on the American experience. The name of the company received from the surname of its founder, Kiichiro Toyoda (Kiichiro Toyoda), who was the eldest son of the owner of the company Sakichi Toyoda.

Its success in the global market, the company is obliged to its talented Director.

The debut of the new automotive company took place in 1935. They began passenger car Model A1, which later became known as just AA and freight Model G1. The following year they were both put into production. Toyota lightning entered the global market: the first order for the export of four G1 enrolled in 1936 from China.

In 1937, Toyota has received independent status and became known as Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.

The following car developed by Japanese designers will see the light only after the hardships of the Second world war. In 1947 it was compact Toyota Model SA, and in the early 50s appeared first SUV Land Cruiser.

Kiichiro Toyoda died in 1952 in the heyday of the company, his name will be forever entered the history of world automotive industry.

In 1950, the Department received the status of an independent company Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd (TMS), whose main task was the realization abroad. The result of their work bore fruit a few years later, in 1957, Toyota Crown, the first Japanese cars were exported to the USA, where the company was founded Toyota Motor Sales, U. S. A. specializing in the export of cars to the United States.

1959 marked the opening of a subsidiary of the Toyota production in Brazil. In the same year, the beginning of activity of the company Toyota Motor Sales Australia Co., Ltd. within Australia.

In 1961 the model of the Toyota Publica. It was a small economical car, quickly became popular.

1962 Toyota celebrated the exit of the conveyor from its plants millionth car.

Worldwide open Toyota dealer. These cars are now produced in South America and Africa and Thailand.

In 1966, the Japanese company demonstrates a new, perhaps, which subsequently became the most popular, the car Corolla. This model and in our theorem are always in demand, and therefore production of its success so far. In the same year and next year Toyota has signed a cooperation agreement with other representatives of the Japanese car industry - first with the company Hino, and further Daihatsu Motor Company.

In 1970 demonstrated new cars Celica, Sprinter and Carina. Around the world continue to open factories producing models of Toyota, and the cars themselves are improved and modernized.

1972 marked the release of the 10 million Toyota vehicles.

New model: Tercel (the first car of Japanese origin with front-wheel drive), Camty and Mark II.

In 1982, there has been the merger of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd. and Toyota Motor Sales Co., Ltd. in a single Toyota Motor Corporation.

One of the main events of the 80s is the signing of a production sharing contract with General Motors in 1983. These design and build cars in the U.S. plant since 1984.

The end of the 80 years was marked by the emergence of new cars Corsa, Corolla II, 4Runner.

In 1988, Toyota goes to the next stage in the company's history, starting to gain a new production of luxury cars. The company debuted Lexus LS400 models and Lexus ES250.

In 1990 the world was presented, the Tokyo design center Design Center.

In the 90s continued development of the dealerships that were signed agreements on joint production with the giants of the automotive Audi and Volkswagen. Shares are being redistributed with companies Hino and Daihatsu. There is a new mission in Britain Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd.

In 1996, Toyota is the world 90 millionth vehicle, and In 1999, the company celebrated its 100-millionth car of your company.

The representative office of the Japanese company Toyota Training Center in the capital of Russia in 1996. Then starts the production of four-stroke petrol engine with direct fuel injection (D-4).

New Prius hybrid Toyota Hybrid System was demonstrated to the world in 1997. Later this motor is also included in the package Coaster and RAV4.

Production Raum was launched in 1997, the following occurred presentation Avensis and Land Cruiser100. This year Toyota becomes the owner of the company Daihatsu.

the year 2000 was successful in round numbers: the number of sold cars Prius exceeded 50 thousand. In the same year, came off the Assembly line the first representative of the class RAV4.

In 2001 Camry sales reached 5m.

In 2000, Toyota is entering a new stage, taking part in Formula 1 racing.

Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) is one of the world's leading car manufacturers, offering the market a wide range, from compact cars to large trucks.

In addition to Toyota automotive business deals and other industries, but in particular the production and sale of cars brings most of the profits of the company.

Photo Gallery of Toyota

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