History of Tvr

British brand "TVR" still exists today, specializing in the production of extremely fast sports cars. Currently 100% of the shares of the automaker owned by the oligarch Nikolai Smolenskiy, who bought the company in 2004.

Firm "TVR" was created in 1947 by engineer Trevor Wilkinson, and started his career with the creation of a sports car with an extremely high speed characteristics. The first series of "M" consisted of about a dozen models and their modifications, repeatedly won prizes in various racing competitions.

In 1963, "TVR" presented a unique model of Griffith, who had a 271-HP engine from Ford. This car easily withstand competition with cars "Ferrari" and "Jaguar", but too high price has made the demand for it is quite small.

In the process, "TVR" had to go through a local financial crisis in the company in 1967 and decided with the help of change management and the development of principally new sports car, differing not only the original design, but also enjoyable for fans of Motorsport price.

Since 1987, ruler series "M" has gradually replaced the model number of a brand new series "S", characterized by a large number of innovations and a few models of class "Lux".

In 1990, the company has strengthened its position, thus reviving the series "Griffith", modifications which were sold until 2002.

In 2002 to replace them came a powerful development TVR TS, which is currently one of the last production models racing brand "TVR". Thanks to the innovative design and numerous modifications, taken from the best modelimage, TVR TS at that time became one of the most powerful racing cars on the planet.

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