History of Venturi

The company "Venturi Automobiles" was established in 1984 by two engineers in order to maintain a market for machines of the class "Gran Tourismo" squeezing it "Bugatti", "Ferrari" and "Porsche".

Since the mid-1980s, the company has released a number of roadsters and coupe with turbo engines. Limited model 400 GTR was made specifically for racing and later participated in the competition "24 hours of Le Mans". On this car for the first time in the world used carbon brakes, and its advanced technological filling has allowed several times to take the top podium in these prestigious races.

In 2000 the company went bankrupt, but a year later the rights to it were bought by Gildo Pallanza Pastor. Entrepreneur decided to pay maximum attention to cars with electric motors, and the first development in this direction for "Venturi" has become a Fetish model. Later was also presented Eclectic, which became the world's first non-volatile vehicle due to the presence of solar panels and special turbines for charging from wind energy.

Photo Gallery of Venturi