History of Weber

Weber automotive brand concern "Stopol Group". At the beginning of her ascent the company begins to release the first automotive carburetors. Nowadays, this brand was an enormous number of auto parts, which apply not only to motorcycles and vehicles. We are talking about electric and mechanical fuel pumps, radiators, crosses, propeller shafts, stove heating, cooling pumps, actuators, starter, spark plugs.

During the development of the company's products Weber always considered innovations in the automotive industry, as well as the experience and knowledge of the designers of the automotive industry.

However, the products of the trade mark Weber meets all modern requirements regarding quality. Despite the fact that are used in the production of new technologies and high quality components, car prices are relatively small.

Production in countries such as Poland, Czech Republic, UK, China, USA.

Finally it is worth noting that their products Weber always provides a guarantee for one year or two years of operation, which, of course, affects the demand and once again proves their impeccable quality.

Photo Gallery of Weber